Founders/Legal Council

Jeanette RykenCorry RykenAnn BrainardErnest G. Tannis

Jeanette Ryken – President / Secretary

Jeanette Ryken
Jeanette Ryken

Jeanette has spent most of her life near ocean waters leading underwater adventures for over 25 years. As a co-owner of a successful charter business, she has experience sailing and diving in the Caribbean, Florida, Red Sea, and the Philippians. Her long career as a Scuba Dive Master and Dive Instructor includes includes the honour of receiving the 25 year PADI’s (Professional Association of Dive Instructors) service award for Outstanding Performance.

Previous to her diving career, Jeanette worked in the hospitality field and holds several degrees and credentials in Hospitality and Travel.

She has first hand experience with the injustices of the legal system when her ex-husband falsely accused her of attempted murder, which resulted in a total loss of her life as she knew it. With hard work, time, and the support of many, she was able to rebuild her life.

Jeanette, a life long advocate for social justice, is employed as the Executive Assistant to Ernest G. Tannis. In addition, her charitable efforts include volunteering with REACH and working with disabled individuals. Jeanette is one of the Co-Founders and President of the NGO Injustice In The Legal System® (IJLS).

Her case can be found at which became a cause “Injustice in the Legal System® (IJLS)” at

Corry Ryken – Treasurer

Corry Ryken
Corry Ryken

Corry Ryken has a Masters of Social work degree with a specialization in clinical studies. She has spent her professional career working primarily with abused and neglected children and their families within the Metro Toronto Child Welfare System. During her 20 plus years in Child Welfare, Corry has held a variety of direct service and support positions and has been a team manager and supervisor of both front line and support staff. Child Welfare cases are often involved with Family Court services and working within this area highlighted for Corry the many complexities and challenges of the Legal System. Fortunately the system has been transitioning to the more common usage of mediation services. Corry is Jeanette’s first cousin and a primary supporter of Jeanette whose story serves as the inspiration for IJLS.

Ann Brainard – Vice President

Ann Brainard
Ann Brainard

Ann’s professional career has been as an educator for non-profit organizations and corporations. As a training manager and coach, she has facilitated leadership workshops and authored numerous publications and educational modules for online corporate colleges. Her credentials include advance college degrees and numerous certifications in the fields of leadership and coaching. She recently published a book to help individuals and families affected by trauma called Selah in the Storm, written under her pen name, Ana Donovitch. She shares the honor of being one of the founding members of Injustice In The Legal System (IJLS). Ann, befriended Jeannette Ryken when their charter businesses were located at the same marina in the Florida Keys. They both share a common love of the ocean, sailing, and teaching others about life at sea. Ann and her husband Bob experienced legal system injustice when her husband was injured in a catastrophic pedestrian accident.

Ernest G. Tannis – Legal Council Member

Ernest G Tannis
Ernest G. Tannis

Ernest G. Tannis is Honorary Pro Bono Legal Counsel for the Social Justice Initiative “Injustice In the Legal System® (IJLS)”, ‎emanating from the case of “Ernie The Attorney™” has dedicated his life and career to assist vulnerable members of our society based on the Teachings of Isaiah 1:17: “Learn to do well, seek justice, defend the fatherless, relieve the oppressed, plead for the widow.” He was inspired to assist Jeanette Ryken’s family after his conversations with her, her cousin Corry Ryken, and her husband Eric Hoff, and her parents John and Francine Ryken. Ernie, as explained in his last book, has been drawn to help abused women, and has been honored to be welcomed into Jeanette’s extended family. Her story is an inspiration not only to abused women but to anyone who suffers hardship. Her website includes her story and rewrite of a song entitled “She’s Become Undone” with new lyrics “She’s become Redone.” Ernie has two children, a son and a daughter, and three grandchildren.

Books and Online Resources by Ernest G. Tannis:

“Alternative Dispute Resolution That Works” (1989), released in a 2nd edition (2010)
“Is Everyone At The Table? 18 Life Lessons In Problem Solving”. (2010); soon to be launched., a description of his ADR Journey., mediation protocols.