Council of Advisors

Pennie VandenbroekDr. Edward NapkePastor Rod LawrenceJonique GardienMaurice RoyerAndrew Collins

Pennie Vandenbroek Pennie Vandenbroek has experienced life as an oral surgery technician in the Navy, a teacher, an entrepreneur and former business owner, a pro-life activist, a wife, mother, and grandmother. All of these roles have taught her that truth eventually comes to light, forgiveness and reconciliation are possible, and fairness is possible when people work together with good will. Pennie and Jeanette Ryken, IJLS’s founder, share a heartfelt connection with water and diving.

In her younger years, Pennie enjoyed sport diving in the U.S. Navy and later lived on a barge in California. Pennie’s own experience with injustice in the legal system took place in California over 20 years ago. Her case was related to a judge’s bias against pre-born children. While living in the U.S., she served on juries for two murder trials, a child molestation case, and an embezzlement case. She believed each of the accused was given a fair trial, all evidence was carefully scrutinized, and justice was served. She is honored to be on the Injustice In The Legal System® (IJLS) Advisory Board and supports justice for others who feel alone in their struggle for fairness.


Dr. Edward Napke’s career began after earning his M.D. and Public Health credentials in Toronto, Canada. Shortly thereafter he was asked to join the Food & Drug Directorate of the Department of National Health & Welfare (later Health Canada), as a Medical Officer to review the clinical aspects of Preclinical Drug and New Drug Submissions. Several of his recommendations were put into the New Drug Regulations that raised drug safety for Canadians.

After the post-war thalidomide tragedy, Dr. Napke initiated, developed and expanded the voluntary Drug Adverse Reaction Reporting Program. He remained in charge of the program for the next 25 yrs that grew to include poisonings and surveillance of all products on the market including veterinary drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, herbal medications, vaccines and food. He has written extensively on “Drug Adverse Reaction.” Many of his papers have been translated, published and reprinted abroad, as well as referred to nationally and internationally in many texts, books and scientific papers. Dr. Napke created the voluntary federal Poison Control Program consisting of the Poison Control Statistics and Information to practitioners and laypersons for the prevention and treatment of poisonings.

Through all of these activities, Canadian morbidity and mortality, due to poisonings and adverse reactions, have been reduced or prevented. Under his leadership as President of the Ottawa/Hull Non Smokers Association, lobbying of all levels of government and industries occurred which resulted in the City of Ottawa adopting “No Smoke By-Laws in Public Places” in 1976-77—first in Canada. He played a critical role in the “Susan Nelles trial” in the Toronto Sick Children’s Hospital tragedy in 1980’s which is retold in the book “The Nurses Are Innocent: The Digoxin Poisoning Fallacy.” Dr. Napke is still active with the WHO Uppsala Monitoring Program, the Canadian Standards Association, and a number of other voluntary organizations.

He continues to give papers nationally and internationally and write articles on “Product Related Diseases” and the environment. Dr. Napke has won a long list of awards, the latest one being the Emile Kanim “Justice and Peace” Award in 2016. One of Dr. Napke’s original quotes is “Justice For All, Including Your Enemy.”


Rod Lawrence was born and raised in the Midwest city of Holland Michigan., USA.  A committed follower of Jesus Christ since age 16, Rod graduated from John Wesley College and later obtained a Masters of Arts in Christian Studies degree from Calvin College. He has worked in Christian ministry most of his adult life starting as a Program Director with Youth for Christ in Anchorage Alaska; later, as the Executive Director of the Good Samaritan Center (Love in the Name of Christ) in Holland, Michigan; then as the Pastor of English Lake Church in North Judson, Indiana; and presently through Luke 2:52 Ministries, partnering with Overflow (Wesleyan) Church in Benton Harbor, Michigan.  Rod has a passion for Christ Centered Marriages, Men’s Ministry, Scripture Memory and the great outdoors.  In addition to this – Rod has produced and hosted a weekly local radio program called “The Doing Well by Doing Good Show” where he interviews people about how their faith in Christ comes out in what they are doing with their lives. Rod has ministered to many who had been wronged by the justice system. Rod’s mission is to help people to grow in Christ in every area of life: physically, mentally/emotionally, relationally/socially, and spiritually.

Jonique Gardien is nearing completion of her Bachelor of Engineering degree in the Architectural Conservation and Sustainability  at Carleton University in Ottawa.  She has worked as an assistant to the Senior Municipal Engineer at the National Capital Commission in Ottawa and was also involved in research projects through her University which related to safety, income-related poverty and fire risk in urban planning.

Jonique’s passions are expressed by her considerable time spent on a multitude of volunteer activities ranging from being active on the Carleton University Student Emergency Response Team to holding several executive positions, President and Vice President, with Engineers Without Borders, Carleton Chapter.  She was also a volunteer with the Engineering Youth Summit as well as the Kumvana program which brings together African professionals with Canadian Professionals for leadership development and network building, while enhancing Canadians’ understanding of sub-Saharan Africa’s development realities.

Jonique’s social consciousness and activism has further inspired her work with a ‘social enterprise café’ in her hometown, Hamilton, where local healthy food is made affordable and prepared by a staff of 80% volunteers for a diverse group of customers.

Jonique is Jeanette Ryken’s second cousin and has been both and inspiration and great family support to Jeanette during Jeanette’s adjustment to her new life and career in Ottawa.

Maurice (Moe) Royer has enjoyed a long and varied career. His first position began in 1976 as a bilingual interpreter on the MacGuigan Parliamentary Committee working with the Canadian Penitentiary system. He went on to serve as a liaison for the Daubney Parliamentary Committee looking into Canada’s Penitentiary system in 1978. Moe later became a Mediation Manager/Coordinator for Correction Services Canada until 2006. During his time there he pioneered a mediation process for approximately 3500 Correctional staff including management, guards, support staff, parole officers and regional headquarters administrative staff. During his time with Corrections Canada, Moe also served on a Federal Committee to develop alternative dispute resolution and informal conflict management service concepts as a method for all public service staff to resolve on-the-job conflict. Moe has also provided mediation coach services to Transport Canada in Ottawa.

In 1998 Moe was invited by the Republic of Slovak to give a lecture on mediation to their Correction and Police Academy.  He subsequently facilitated a meeting between Canadian Corrections Officials and the Slovakian Prison Service, to discuss a Memorandum of Understanding.

Moe’s extensive credentials and experience include training in “Negotiation and Mediation in the Employment Industry” and “Advance Mediation” at York University in Toronto, and “Conflict Resolution Training“ at St. Paul’s University, Ottawa.

Since 2006, Moe has operated his own Mediation, facilitation, negotiation and coaching service in Kingston Ontario.  In private practice Moe has continued to provide both consultations and staff training services to Corrections Canada.  In 2010-11 Moe mediated between Corrections Canada staff and Offenders within Ontario Region Penitentiaries.   Moe also provides mediation coaching to The Mediation Centre of Southeastern Ontario in Kingston.

Moe’s community involvement has included memberships on the National Seniors Council, the Kingston Police Services Board, the Board of Directors of the Kingston Children’s Aid Society.  He has also worked as a Volunteer Mentor with Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization. Moe is a long-standing member of the ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Institute of Ontario and the Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution.

Andrew Collins was a police officer with the Benton Harbor Police Department in Michigan for nearly five years until he resigned due to an investigation for misconduct. He was sentenced to 37 months in federal prison for possession of drugs with the intent to distribute, of which he served 18 months. Collins was the arresting officer for Jameel McGee, who was charged with possession of crack cocaine, and Collins later admitted to falsifying reports. Jameel McGee was one of Andrew’s targeted victims, “guilty by wrongful accusation.” He was sentenced to 10 years and served three years in federal prison until his conviction was overturned when Collins admitted to falsifying evidence. Years following their release, both men met again as a result of working together at a non-profit coffee community development program in Benton Harbor.

McGee and Collins have co-authored their mutual story in Convicted: A Crooked Cop, an Innocent Man and an Unlikely Journey of Forgiveness and Friendship (WaterBrook, Sept. 19, 2017). Now Collins is a licensed pastor and works as a staff associate for Young Life in Southwest Michigan. He and McGee speak together regularly at schools, universities, prisons, police departments, churches and civic organizations. Their story, as told in Convicted, has been featured on “Megyn Kelly Today,” “CBS Evening News” and the “Steve Harvey Show.”