Wrongful Plea Bargaining

“People Buy Certainty” The hope for this paper is to provide a resource for those facing criminal charges, specifically where they are facing a situation where they are facing a number of charges that many not have any basis in reality. This process started with a review of existing material on the topic Plea Bargaining […]

An Innocent Man & A Crooked Cop

“I promised myself that if I ever saw that cop again, I was going to kill him. I intended to keep that promise. How is it possible to forgive a man responsible for taking away three years of your life?” J. McGee, 2006 Wrongfully Accused Prisoner Authors Jameel McGee and Andrew Collins at Tiscornia Park in […]

Coffee, Croissants, and IJLS Networking for Justice

The Coffee and Croissant Networking Workshop was hosted by the Criminology Students at Ottawa University on Tues. January 22, 2019. The evening was an overall success with a great turn out of students and social justice groups.   InJustice in the Legal System® (IJLS) was represented by Jeanette Ryken, IJLS president and Ernest G. Tannis, IJLS […]

Wrongful Investigation

While there are many honest and ethical law enforcement officials, there are also some who unfortunately commit misconduct with regard to the crimes that they are investigating. Not only do these law enforcement officials adversely impact the credibility of other honest officials, they can literally destroy the lives of persons who are wrongfully accused.

Wrongful Accusation

This step begins the process in the Criminal Justice System when someone or the State on its own initiative, with the Police‎ integral in all cases, makes allegations of wrongdoing. It’s important to understand under the law of “qualified privilege” that people are permitted to say anything they want in Court Pleadings or in Complaints […]