We are a growing community of people who come together to share — our injustices, our frustration, our desires, our heartache for loved ones, our sufferings, our quest to change the system, our deep yearning to protect the innocent who are being hurt by the way our judicial system works.

As a united group we have a common purpose in offering mutual compassion, resources, and support to one another. We examine and learn about the many types of injustices that can occur. It starts with a lie and becomes a runaway train — False accusations, media misrepresentation, one-sided Investigations, wrongful arrests and restraining orders, false charges, plea bargains, unnecessary trials, wrongful convictions, sentencing, incarcerations, and in extreme cases, even wrongful execution.  And with input from others there may be even more wrongfuls!  This doesn’t even begin to address the damages to family and loved ones.

Our over-arching mission is to encourage legal entities who are committed to truth and protecting the innocent, and to organize a grass roots movement to affect humanitarian and compassionate changes within the legal system.

IJLS™ reaches out to the individual, families, and also to the larger community.  Our educational resources are expanding and those we serve continue to come back to receive support in many ways.