Wrongful Accusation

This step begins the process in the Criminal Justice System when someone or the State on its own initiative, with the Police‎ integral in all cases, makes allegations of wrongdoing. It’s important to understand under the law of “qualified privilege” that people are permitted to say anything they want in Court Pleadings or in Complaints to Authorized Bodies without being able to be sued for Libel. Hence, even the most outrageous and baseless complaints can be made to the Police without reprisal except in two ways.

  1. One is a charge of public mischief. When it’s clear the accusations are lies, the person making them can be charged with Public Mischief under the Civil Code. Public Mischief serves as a deterrent but is not applied very often. There are wide discrepancies between countries regarding Public Mischief. Canada’s Criminal Code punishes mischief up to and including life imprisonment if the mischief causes actual danger to human life. In United States criminal law, mischief is an offense that involves damage against property and is usually a misdemeanor.
  2.  For the first time in the case of www.jeanetteryken.com, which inspired the cause for Injustice In The Legal System (IJLS) ™, the Accuser-ex-husband was successfully sued in Civil Court for Libel and Slander. Namely he had spoken about his fabricated accusations against his now ex-wife in public outside the protection of qualified privilege. His Statement of Defense was struck out and all litigation on her website is now in its last step to obtain a financial award of damages. This Ontario court filing set an important precedent.

Several important related notes also contributed to Jeanette’s defense. The Accuser-ex-husband’s attempt to have the Accused-Jeanette held in contempt of Court for suing him and the minor-aged niece outside of Ontario’s jurisdiction, failed. His pre-meditated, fabricated story falsely accusing her of attempted murder on the High Seas, was rejected in Civil Court. Both the Florida and Ontario Courts upheld the legitimacy of Jeanette’s Civil Litigation lawsuits for the false accusations made on Christmas Eve 2012.

Jeanette’s case is a startling reminder of the irreversible dangers and consequences of false accusations, as most significantly her family has remained divided to the present day. Many more damaging affects are detailed at JeanetteRyen.com. The intent of IJLS™ is to turn a negative into a positive.

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