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[i]Information on this website may contain legal information but it is not to be interpreted as legal advice.  Please consult your own Independent Legal Counsel (ILS).[/i]

Whatever happened to “Innocent until proven guilty” in our justice system? These days this golden ideal has been thrown out the window. Once an accusation is made, the public perception is “guilty until proven innocent,” even before the accused has their day in court before a judge.

It is all backwards! This leads to further false judgements and misperceptions. In many cases, the perpetuation of lies circulates into the community and media. Even when acquitted, the person’s reputation is ruined, and the family is irreversibly damaged. As a result, people of good character are taken down, and people’s lives are destroyed.

Over 40% of people who are in jail, or awaiting trial, are eventually acquitted.

Once someone is placed into the process of being falsely charged, the deeper they go into the legal machinery, the harder it is to find their way out, if ever. The justice system has become legal-centric, with more regard for legality than justice.

“Injustice in the Legal System” is a non-governmental organization that helps counter these problems through free education. The outcome is to serve justice; not just apply legal rulings.

We recognize the need for a just legal system and we support all those involved in the Administration of Justice. Our intent is to bring public and judicial awareness to injustice, and to influence the system to correct its shortcomings.

Browse through our website to find information about how injustice occurs, or for information that relates to your issue. You can also search through our social media for helpful information and reach us to get more help with your research.

Injustice in the Legal System®. Protecting the Innocent.

Find out more about IJLS® by watching the videos below:

Welcome from Jeanette Ryken, IJLS® President:


Legal Status Statement

“As Honorary Legal Information Advisor, for Injustice In The Legal System® (IJLS), I can affirm that IJLS, with its three co-founders, President/Secretary Jeanette Ryken, Vice President Ann Brainard, and Treasurer Corry Ryken, is a  valid subsisting incorporated not-for-profit organization in compliance with all applicable laws under the Canadian Not-for-Profit Corporations Act and in process for Charitable Registration Status.”

Ernest G. Tannis
Barrister, Solicitor, Mediator and Author
A., J.D., C. Med. (ADRIC), Acc.FM (OAFM)
Lawyer Member of the Law Society of Ontario
(since 1976, member #16327D)
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada